Change Your Life

Yes, it's possible. But you've heard the claims before. Books about quick chat up lines and strategies for fooling women or ensnaring men. All of them do not work. All those books treat a perspective partner as prey to the predator. This is dangerous and unnecessary.

The Four Genders has transformed my life for the better. I now know why I didn't get married till I was 60. I now know why I didn't get on with my father. I know know why my previous relationships ended in failure. I now know a lot of other things too.

I now have a wonderful wife and I know who I am and I know who she is. It's not luck or clever lines or telling lies about yourself. It's not easy either. But it will grow your ability to have a great marriage and get on with a lot of other people - like your work colleagues and yes, your family too.

Take it slow. It's new. You'll need a little courage but stick with it and you will see the results.

SAM SMALL September 2013


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